Celtic Legacy (1998)

The band's debut album was the result of a year's writing and demoing of new material by Dave Morrissey and Dave Boylan.

With the aim of recording the material properly, the two set about putting a line-up together. Due to the lack of a record company or any financial backing, a bank loan was secured to record the album. Sales from Celtic Legacy, although initially slow, eventually funded the follow-up album Resurrection a few years later.

Celtic Legacy was released on May 8th 1998. The longest track on the album was adopted as the band's name.

  1. From The Plains
  2. Wandering Free
  3. Catch The Wind
  4. Rainman
  5. Glen Corr - The Spirit of the Vagabond
  6. Lost Soul
  7. Shine
  8. Celtic Legacy
  9. Waterfront

Produced by Michael Richards & Dave Morrissey
Recorded at Trackmix Studios January - March 1998

Dave Morrissey Guitars/Keyboards

Tom Branagan Vocals

Dave Boylan Bass/Vocals

Phil McEvoy Drums

Ciara Roe Violin