Celtic Legacy had a tough task following up Resurrection. As had happened between the band’s first two releases, once again the line-up fell apart between albums. The remaining two founder members were left with the job of rebuilding the band a second time while also coming up with new material. Neither came easy.

Most of the new line-up had been nailed down late in 2006, but during the same 2-year period, several singers came and went and it wasn’t until early in 2007 that the position was finally filled.  In the meantime the album material was continually being refined until a date to start recording was finally locked in for Autumn 2007. The band entered Silverline Studios in Wicklow to begin recording during the Autumn of 2007 with the final mixes being completed the following January.

With expectations being understandably high following the release of Resurrection, the follow-up did not find as much favour with the fanbase and the extended time between releases did nothing to help the band’s cause. Also depressing for the band, a pirate copy of the album found its way onto torrent sites one week before release with free downloads of the album reaching over 22,000 before the album was even released. Sales of the CD were also disappointing.

Guardian of Eternity did not receive the same critical acclaim as the band’s previous album. Stand out tracks from the album included Erinmor, Celtica and Guardian of Eternity itself. But not many others from this album were going to dislodge the Resurrection staples from the band’s live performances. As such, the majority of the sets from this time were still dominated by tracks from the previous album. With the previous line-up having distinguished itself on the back of an excellent release, the new line-up struggled to maintain interest off the back of a seemingly weaker current album and with attendance falling and finances rapidly dwindling, it was clear the writing was on the wall for the band.

Celtic Legacy played its last show as a gigging entity on April 25th 2009.

Guardian of Eternity

Ciaran Ennis – Vocals
Dave Morrissey – Guitars/Keyboards
Dave Boylan – Bass
Conor Gillen – Drums/Tin Whistle
Keith Hendley – Guitars/Vocals

Produced by Dave Morrissey
Engineered by Ivan Jackman

Recorded at Silverline Studio
Released 5th March 2008