With the first 2 albums sold out in physical format, we had to re-issue them both in 2008. At the time of promoting Guardian of Eternity we needed to have copies of the back catalogue available for sale at gigs.The budget didn’t exist to simply redo them as before, however. The artwork from the first album had been lost and would need to be redone from scratch. On this release, the track Shine was removed from the Resurrection tracklist as the general feeling was that it shouldn’t have been there in the first place and was the weak link on an otherwise excellent album (“Don’t get me started!” – Dave). So the answer was to combine both albums into a brand new package with all-new artwork and sell it for the price of one CD.

Also changed from the original Resurrection album were certain inexplicable faults where tracks were not mastered properly the first time out. Tracks now fade out properly and are lined up the way they should have been on the original release. Consequently, the album has been completely re-mastered for this edition (“RE-mastered? Well I have a theory about that” – Dave).

This is about as close to a  straight ahead re-release as these 2 albums are likely to get for the reasons mentioned above. Physical copies of this double album are still available to purchase on Bandcamp.

CD1: Celtic Legacy

Tom Branagan – Vocals
Dave Morrissey – Guitars/Keyboards
Dave Boylan – Bass/Vocals
Phil McEvoy – Drums
Ciara Roe – Violin

Special Guest
Peter Fitzpatrick – Piano

CD2: Resurrection

Mark Guildea – Vocals
Dave Morrissey – Guitars/Keyboards
Dave Boylan – Bass
Stephen Cash – Drums
Darren Maher – Guitars